Your team leader: Judy Lubin, PhD

Success Launchers team building events are led by management consultant and rocketeer Judy Lubin.

As a consultant, Judy helps mission-driven organizations with all aspects of management, especially the building of infrastructure that leads to effective implementation of their visions. She is experienced in management tools that support autonomy, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Judy has an MBA and a PhD from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Judy has been building and launching high power rockets since 2008. She is certified to the highest amateur level and is capable of launching the largest of amateur rocket motors. Her rockets have broken the sound barrier and soared to over 4 miles in altitude.

Judy sees hobby rocketry as more than just a satisfying technical challenge, but also as an environment where highly motivated workers inspire themselves solely with the intrinsic rewards of achieving autonomy, mastery and purpose. In other words, she launches rockets just for the fun of it and likes to share her passion with others.

In this 1 day experience, your team will:

  • Build a 6 foot tall rocket
  • Launch your rocket to an altitude of 1 mile
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Collaborate
  • Strengthen team bonds
  • Learn some rocket science
  • Have fun!

Team members do all of the rocket building! No experience necessary

Success Launchers

Contact us at Judy at SuccessLaunchers dot com to learn more!

All rocketry events take place in conjunction with an organized club launch run by one of the area rocketry organizations. Dates and locations are limited by local club schedules. Currently, Success Launchers has 3 locations all within 1 to 2 hours of downtown Chicago and can serve clients from:

  • Chicago area
  • Milwaukee area and southeastern Wisconsin
  • Western Illinois and Quad Cities, Iowa
  • Southwestern Michigan

Judy will consider travel to other areas with an additional fee.

Watch a Success Launchers team building event in action!

Success Launcher events are perfect for any group wishing to build team bonds while accomplishing something as a team, especially:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Corporate work groups at any level
  • Groups of teachers or students
  • Friend and family groups

Success Launchers Team Building Events