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Judy Lubin, PhD

Executive Coaching,

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Purposeful leadership. Intentional growth. System-wide change.
I specialize in transformational leadership coaching. Let me guide you through a dynamic, self-directed process that helps you create and implement a compelling vision for the future of your organization and its surrounding ecosystem.

Today’s leaders need to be sense-makers and visionaries. In our data-saturated but meaning-scarce world, organizations rely on leaders to navigate complexity and forge a purposeful path for others to follow. As an Executive Coach, I help my clients to move past old assumptions and dream big. With a PhD in business economics and experience as an independent management consultant, I provide a supportive space for clients to work through management and strategy issues. My experience as a professional storyteller boosts my clients’ ability to take charge of the narrative and give meaning to the story. And, as a Do-It-Yourself rocket scientist, I push clients to recognize that not even the sky can limit success when the vision is lofty enough. I inspire and empower executives, entrepreneurs and change-makers to catalyze lasting and impactful change.

Contact Judy via the inquiry page, or by email at Judy at Successlaunchers dot com